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Podcast de la Conférence de Saul Perlmutter

par Sophie Trincaz - 5 juillet 2019

Saul Perlmutter, professeur de physique à l’Université de Californie à Berkeley, prix Nobel 2011 est en visite scientifique au LPNHE pour une durée de 6 mois.

Jeudi 23 mai, il a donné une conférence sur le sujet :

Science, Reality and Credibility : How open-minded methods of science could help our societies tackle their difficult challenges

La conférence est visible en ligne sur ce lien :

Résumé :

There is a body of techniques and practices, a language and culture, shared by scientists in building a credible sense of the “real world” — but it is not much used (or understood) by the rest of society. Equipping future generations with this scientific-style critical thinking could be one of our most reasonable defenses against confused thinking and misinformation, both major challenges to our democratic societies’ ability to make deliberative decisions.

  • Can we teach this scientific style of critical thinking to non-scientists and scientists alike ?
  • Could this help our society address difficult topics as the global environment and economics ?
  • Could this help build sources of credibility on the web and in the news ?

Contact au laboratoire : Delphine Hardin.