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DarkSide: looking for dark matter with liquid Argon

by Julien Bolmont - 20 May 2019

Title: DarkSide: looking for dark matter with liquid Argon

Advisor : Claudio Giganti (LPNHE)

Co-advisor : Davide Franco (APC)

Team : Rayonnement Cosmique et Matière Noire ; DarkSide group

Description :

The DarkSide collaboration is searching for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) using a Liquid Argon target. A 50 kg detector (DS-50) is currently taking data at LNGS (Italy). DS-50 allowed to set the world best limit on WIMPs-nucleon cross-section for WIMPs masses between 1.8 and 6 GeV/c2. At larger masses, DS-50 demonstrated the potential of LAr in performing background-free WIMPs searches.

The next step in the DarkSide programme foresees a 20 ton detector (DS-20k) that will also be operated at LNGS and will have the best sensitivities for high mass WIMPs. DS-20k will be preceded by a 1-ton prototype that is being built at CERN.

During the PhD thesis the student will participate to the analyses of the data of DS-50 and will work on the characterisation, calibrations and developments of reconstruction algorithms with the prototype data that will be taken at CERN.

Contact : Claudio Giganti, 33 (0)1 44 27 39 05; Davide Franco

Location : LPNHE, APC

Possible trips : LNGS (Italie) and CERN, Geneva

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