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Search for light dark matter with CCDs

Equipe thématique “Matière Noire et Energie Noire”; Expérience: DAMIC

Directeur de thèse: Antoine Letessier-Selvon

tél : 01 44 27 73 31

e-mail: Antoine.Letessier-Selvon

Titre : Search for light dark matter with CCDs

The DAMIC (DArk Matter In CCDs) experiment uses fully depleted, high resistivity CCDs to search for dark matter particles. With an energy threshold ∼50 eVee, and excellent energy and spatial resolutions, the DAMIC CCDs are well-suited to identify and suppress radioactive backgrounds, having an optimal sensitivity to WIMPs with masses < 6 GeV. Early results motivated the construction of a 100 g detector, DAMIC100, currently being installed at SNOLAB. The candidate PhD will participate to the collection and analyses of the DAMIC 100 data. The prospects for physics results after one year of data taking is to be able to directly test the CDMS-Si signal. Further studies developments to construct and operate an 1Kg detector will also be conducted.

Lieux de travail : LPNHE - Paris, Fermilab et université de Chicago (USA) et SNOLAB (Canada)

Déplacements éventuels: les lieux de travail ci-dessus



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Ecole doctorale Sciences de la Terre et de l’Environnement et Physique de l’Univers

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