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En direct de Moriond

par Vera De-Sa-Varanda - 6 mars 2013

ça twitte fort à Moriond !!

les derniers commentaires en direct sur @_moriond_

AMS : no new results on positron over electron ratio, results submitted to journal paper waiting for approval...

Indirect searches for dark matter with the Fermi LAT : this the earth, this is Fermi !

Xenon 100 to Xenon 1T : taking over on Dark matter, when as big as ATLAS detector ; what is left to the night ?

Recent results from Ice Cube : 2 neutrinos candidates over 1 PeV !!!

T2K : neutrino mu dissaprearance world record sin²2 theta_23 = 1.00 -0.068 @ 90%CL

Daya Bay : theta_13 with 2.5 times the dataset !

Double Chooz : new results with hydrogen target, but eagerly waiting for near detector ... in 2014

Belem Gavela : food for thought : Neutrinos and charge lepton mixings

KamLAND ZEN : double-beta decay : a baloon of Xenon136 within KamLAND

Daniel Hernandez : revival not resurection of ideas on discrete symmetries to accomodate lepton masses and mixing

Gerda : we have nothing to do after KamLAND Zen... Yes we do, wait for unblinding early this summer

Sergio Palomares-Ruiz : Neutrinos mass hierarchy at large detectors can be solved at more than 5 sigma with PINGU in less then a year

South Pole Telescope : neutrinos physics with CBM studies : fascinating

Irene Tamborra : Light sterile neutrinos as Dark Radiation Candidates, predicting the number and mass of sterile neutrinos

EXO 200 : first result on zero neutrino double beta decay

CUORE : the version 0 is about to start a commissioning run with the Cuoricino cryostat

Today is the SMS (Standard Model Scalar) Boson day @Moriond EW, webcast and so on : a 4th of July firework in Winter ... !

CMS SMS to dibosons : full dataset ZZ* => 6.7 sigma, mH=125.8 at 4/mille & SM like rate ; WW=>4sigma@125 and SM like + H to WWW and Zgamma

ATLAS SMS to dibosons : full dataset gamma gamma 7.4 sigma, mH=126.8 at 5/mille & 2.3sigma x SM rate ; ZZ* 6.6sigma mass@5/mille and J^P=0^+, + Zgamma

O. Eboli : Making the right choice among 59 possible couplings to robustly determine the couplings to the SMS, need an update with today ATLAS+CMS...

CDF+D0 SMS boson : not that far away from sensitivity to the LHC SMS boson discovery in the 125GeV area and including the new HOBIT B jets tagger at CDF

SMS boson decays to fermion pairs at CMS : slight excess just bellow 3 sigma in tau+tau- and some excess in bb_bar at the 2 sigma level

SMS boson decays to fermion pairs at ATLAS : not yet sensitive to bb_bar nor to tau+tau-, but not so far away : in progress and invisible Higgs is yet still invisible !


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