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par Francois Legrand - 1er février 2011

Aujourd'hui Vendredi 24 Novembre 2017


  • Evénement
    2017-11-29 à 08:50


    The common theoretical scheme for Gravity and Quantum Mechanics, still a work in progress, may induce quantum effects in the space-time structure at Planck scale (e.g. space-time foam) which would result in an energy dependent speed of light, in a contradiction to the Einstein’s theories of Relativity. This would imply that the Lorentz Invariance is not an exact symmetry of vacuum. Various ways may lead to Lorentz Invariance Violation (LIV) within different frameworks: String Theories, Loop Quantum Gravity, non-commutative geometry or modified Special Relativity.

    The workshop will bring together experimentalists and theoreticians working on quantum spacetime and the LIV physics area. During two days, the latest results on LIV (time of flight studies, fuzziness, etc.) obtained with all major ground based and satellite gamma-ray detectors and different kind of astrophysical sources (GRBs, AGNs and Pulsars) will be reviewed. Some analyses with other messengers (neutrinos, gravitational waves) will also be addressed. In addition, recent progress on the theoretical side relevant to quantum spacetime, LIV studies and connections to the Quantum Gravity models will be discussed. Finally, the potential of future experiments will be addressed, focusing on the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) and all major space-based experiments.

    Organizing Committee

    • J. Bolmont, LPNHE (Paris)
    • A. Jacholkowska, LPNHE (Paris)
    • F. Daigne, IAP (Paris)
    • H. Sol, OBSPM/LUTH (Meudon)
    • J. -F. Glicenstein, CEA/IRFU (Saclay)

    Invited Speakers (in construction)

    • G. Amelino-Camelia, Sapienza University (Roma)
    • J. L. Atteia, IRAP (Toulouse)
    • B. Baret, APC (Paris)
    • J. Biteau, IPNO (Orsay)
    • D. Götz, CEA/SAP (Saclay)
    • F. Piron, LUPM (Montpellier)
    • L. Rolland, LAPP (Annecy)
    • M. Settimo, SUBATECH (Nantes)
    • F. Stecker, NASA/GSFC (Greenbelt, MD, USA)

    Access and hotels


    To access room 1222-RC-08 ("Salle des séminaires"), go to tower 12 (see the map above), go down one floor (with elevators or stairs), and follow the arrows !

    A list of hotels can be found here :

    Funding institutions

    • DIM ACAV+ (Région Ile-de-France) : 2500€
    • FRIF : 1000€
    • Labex P2IO : 1000€
    • LPNHE, Labex ILP : 500€
  • Réunion du vendredi
    Amphi LPNHE
    2017-12-01 à 11:00

    Journées des entrants

  • Séminaire
    2017-11-27 à 14:00

    The advent of advanced detectors truly opened the era of GW astronomy with the first signals from binary black hole mergers detected by Advanced LIGO during the O1 run. The 9-month long O2 run was again very successful, and Advanced Virgo's joining in for the last weeks of O2 was a game changer for source localization. The seminar will provide a review of the results derived from the detections so far, including the spectacular GW170817, the first signal from a binary neutron star coalescence, and its associated electromagnetic counterparts, GRB170817A and AT2017gfo. Prospects for the next few years will be outlined.

  • Evénement
    2017-11-29 à 09:00

    COMET meeting with Yoshitaka Kuno.

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Vendredi 24 Novembre 2017

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