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by Giovanni Marchiori - 18 March 2022

The LPNHE seminar series gives high-energy physicists from all over the world the opportunity to present their research activities. Seminars usually take place at 14:00 on Mondays in the Charpak amphitheatre. After the presentation and questions, informal discussions can continue during a coffee break.

People in charge of organising the seminars at LPNHE are:

  • Luc Poggioli - Room 1222-2-24
  • Pauline Zarrouk - Room 1213-1-21

They can be contacted at this adress:

All seminars are advertised on the Parisian region seminars website: SEMPARIS

Past and future seminars can be found on the LPNHE Indico page:

Directions to LPNHE:

Reimbursement forms are attached below.

Note for candidates for CNRS positions: Those wishing to apply to CR1/CR2 positions at LPNHE are invited to contact the Director of the lab, as well as the group leader(s) of the projects concerned. Due to the number of applications, we do not generally invite candidates to give a dedicated seminar, but they are welcome to meet with the research group.

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Formulaire pour chercheurs français
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Formulaire pour chercheurs étrangers

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