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Direct Detection of Dark Matter With DAMIC-M

by Julien Bolmont - 20 July 2018

Team « Rayonnement Cosmique et Matière Noire» (RCMN); experiment : DAMIC-M

PhD advisor : Antoine Letessier Selvon

Phone : (+33)1 44 27 73 31

e-mail : antoine.letessier-selvon

Co-advisor : Paolo Privitera (Université de Chicago)


Title : Direct Detection of Dark Matter With DAMIC-M.

The thesis will be developed within the DAMIC-M experiment, to be installed at the Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane, which employs high-resistivity silicon charge-coupled devices (CCDs) to search for dark matter particles. Novel analysis methods which exploit the unique spatial resolution of CCDs will be developed for to measure radioactive contaminations in the CCDs. In addition, the first Skipper CCDs with single-electron resolution readout will be tested and calibrated.

Location : LPNHE - Paris, University of Chicago

Possible trips :
Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane (LSM), national and international conferences.

Contact :

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