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Towards future long baseline neutrino experiments to study CP-violation

Equipe thématique “Asymétrie Matière Antimatière”; expériences: WA105
et liens avec NA61 et T2K

Directeur de thèse: Boris Popov

tél : 01 44 27 61 45


Codirecteur de thèse: Jacques Dumarchez

tél : 01 44 27 48 42

e-mail: jacques.dumarchez

Title : Towards future long baseline neutrino experiments to study

The PhD student will participate in the sensitivity studies
for future long baseline neutrino experiments and in the
software development towards event reconstruction in a
large-volume liquid Argon (LAr) detector. This will be
applied in particular to the prototype being constructed
at CERN in the framework of the WA105 project. This 6x6x6m
double-phase LAr detector should be constructed and exposed
to hadron beams in the forthcoming three years. The analysis
of collected data will be a part of the PhD thesis work.

In parallel, the LPNHE neutrino group is also involved in
the NA61/SHINE hadron production experiment at CERN which
will collect more data for precise neutrino flux predictions
in future long baseline neutrino experiments. A connection
to this PhD thesis subject is expected in view of the global
reduction of systematic uncertainties needed for sensitivity
The group participates also in the on-going T2K neutrino
oscillation experiment which continues to take data in
neutrino and antineutrino beams with a hope to get first
hints of CP-violation in the leptonic sector.

Lieu de travail : LPNHE - Paris

Déplacements éventuels: CERN



Ecole doctorale de rattachement :
Ecole doctorale Sciences de la Terre et de l’Environnement et Physique
de l’Univers

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